When do we collect payment ?

We do not charge any pre-service payment. We collect the payment in full after the task is completely done as stated on our contract.
If a service charge is stated on our agreement, we collect at the end of every month on the completion of the task.

Which currencies do we accept ?

Although our packages are amounted in USD, we take any currency/crypto-currency by the official exchange rate.

Do we have payment plan ?

We provide payment plan for our most trusted customers.

Are there additional costs involved in the packages ?

If you do not have a domain name, then yes we charge for the domain name.
If you do not have cloud vendor when we launch your website or application, then yes we charge for any cloud space your application might require.

Do we provide cpanel on our shared hosting platform?

We do not provide cpanel yet.

Is the shared hosting service only for websites?

No, you can run any containerized application on it.

How should I deliver my application to run on the shared hosting service?

We love docker, so we accept any dockerized application or simple docker-compose script. If you plan to host on our shared hosting, the best thing to do first is contact us.